SharpeSoft Estimator Specifications 

General Features

Feature Description Included
Master Items Save and organize complete bid items including operation breakdowns, crews, materials, etc. for easy lookup and re-use on other jobs. X
Subcontractor Comparison Get a true "apples-to-apples" comparison of your subcontractors by including their exclusions, bonding, mobilization, and cuts/adds in addition to their unit prices. Quickly replace subs throughout your job with a single click. X
Trench Profiler Graphical trench cross-section utility calculates your excavation, spoils, and fill quantities for you. Trench modifications dynamically update your material quantities as you make them. X
Equipment / Trucking Hauling Calculations Quickly determine how long it's really going to take to haul your materials based upon equipment capacity, quantity, speed, load time, etc. X
What-If Scenarios Compare costs easily using "what-if" items. X
Central Resource Database All of your cost types are stored in a central database allowing all estimators to use the same standard resource costs (labor, equipment, materials, etc.) on jobs. X
Labor & Equipment Areas Allow multiple rates and benefit/burden packages for the same resources. Have different rates for different Union areas, or open shop versus prevailing wage. X
Link Operators to Equipment Automatically bring in the correct operator classification any time you bring equipment into the job. Also link equipment to laborers so you're always accounting for your formen's pickups, tool trucks for your mechanics, etc. X
Crews and Assemblies Build your crews once, and use them over and over again. Crews can be modified specifically for the current job without altering the standard crew makeup. X
Copy Job Create an exact copy of one estimate to use as a new estimate. X
Copy Bid Items Copy items or portions of items within the current job, or from another job with ease. X
"Live" Numbers The numbers you see on your screen are always current. No need to tell the system to calculate your job, it's calculated on-the-fly automatically. X
Bid and Takeoff Quantity View and compare your bid vs. takeoff quantity for each item X
Indirect Items Calculate your job-related overhead items separately and spread the cost automatically throughout the entire estimate X
Prorate Items Eliminate the need to bid redundant items multiple times. Build cost into your prorate items and spread it to specific bid items as necessary. X
Powerful Reporting Options Over 75 built-in reports with hundreds of options. X
Preview Before Printing All reports can be previewed before being sent to the printer. X
Print Reports to PDF Print any report to a PDF file for easy emailing. X
Excel Import/Export Import/Export your bid items, resource tables, cost codes, and more to/from Microsoft Excel. X
Export to Accounting and Project Mangement. Estimator exports to Microsoft Project, Primavera & Suretrack, Dexter+Chaney, ComputerEase, American Contractor, Timberline, StreetSmarts, and more X
Close-Out Sheet The Estimator close-out sheet lets you quickly round your bid prices, determine how much your bid changed from your target price due to rounding, and easily adjust prices on an item-by-item basis. X
Bonding Save multiple bonding tables for easy loading into your jobs. The Estimator then automatically calculates your bonding cost onto the job. X
Sample Database Included A database with sample resources and jobs includes examples of all cost types including Labor, Equipment, Material, and Trucking items. The database is a great starting point for heavy highway, underground utilities, paving, earthwork, and heavy civil contractors. X
Batch Reports "Package" frequently run reports together for quick printing of multiple reports in one step. X
Audit Trail Track changes made to your job, who made the change, when the change was made, and what the net effect on the job was. X

Technical Specs

Feature Description Included
Microsoft SQL Database Engine Built on the proven stability of Microsoft SQL Server, #1 in the industry in price/performance benchmarks, SharpeSoft Estimator offers unprecedented speed and reliability. X
Client/Server Architecture Allows multiple users to access the application at the same time and allows for centralized administration. Most processing is offloaded to the server maximizing utilization of your hardware investment and allowing for better response times by minimizing the amount of data crossing the network. X
Comprehensive User Security Set user access to prevent unauthorized changes to estimates, labor & equipment rates, etc. Assign permissions to users and/or groups of users. X
Online Backup Microsoft SQL Server allows for database backups to be made without requiring users to exit the program. X
Support for RDP / Terminal Server / Citrix Installation automatically configures Estimator for Terminal Server and other virtualization solutions. X
Roaming Profiles User profile information such as window size and position, color settings, etc. is stored on the server. This allows the user to work on any computer without having to re-adjust their preferences. X
Database Server Included Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition is included on the installation media and may be installed and configured automatically for you as an option during Estimator installation. This engine is free and adequate for smaller sites with up to 5 concurrent users. X
Built For Microsoft Windows Estimator has been fully tested on the latest Windows operating system and is fully compatible. X
Optional Annual Maintenance SharpeSoft maintenance services cover all program updates, as well as unlimited 24x7 technical support, and is renewable annually. Your SharpeSoft Estimator licenses continue to be valid even if you choose to discontinue maintenance services. Your keys will not expire and your data will be fully accessible after the expiration of your maintenance agreement. X
24x7 Support Reach a support representative any time, day or night. X
Other Languages Talk to us about our Spanish version, or availability in other languages. X

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